Orca is a leading innovator in software configuration management and configuration drift detection. Orca’s solution dramatically accelerates the rate at which organizations update their applications and infrastructure, improving business agility and delivering enhanced visibility, compliance, and security.

Orca was founded in 2014 by a team with deep expertise in IT Automation tools who have been attacking and solving automation challenges for many years. In 2005 the team saw painful build processes that just didn’t work. So they started Build Forge (now part of IBM) to accelerate software delivery. Later the team saw highly complex, error-prone application release processes and started Varalogix (now part of BMC) to take the risk and uncertainty out of application deployment. Now the Orca team has set its sights on the time consuming, money wasting, overly complex configuration processes that have remained broken for decades. 

Orca Delivers Business Value Across Your Organization 

Continuous Delivery + Continuous Configuration Automation + Ecosystem Visibility = Orca.

Configuration Automation and Drift Detection that Accelerates Your Business

  • Configure applications and middleware automatically from a single console and intuitive interface.
  • Using drag and drop functionality, architects quickly establish and update relationships between middleware, databases, applications and operating systems.
  • Scripting-free automation delivers automated routine configuration changes, automated drift detection, and automated drift correction, saving DevOps teams from “fire-fighting”.
  • Auto-remediate and rollback configurations without relying on manual processes.
  • Deploy changes to 1000s of servers in minutes – without scripting. No need to learn a new scripting or declarative language either.
  • See our articles and video explainers for more information.

Secure, Centralized Change Control that Enforces Compliance

  • Orca’s configuration automation features a centralized inventory of change detection and config data from multiple sources and delivers it in a convenient, human-friendly format.
  • Users manage drift and can create their own custom compliance rules,  create snapshots of current configurations, run comparisons, view configuration drift, and auto-remediate drift
  • “Dry Run” mode validates whether configuration changes will be successful before they’re actually executed.  
  • Shared DevOps team-based calendar publicizes upcoming changes, blackouts, and maintenance windows. This eliminates major sources of miscommunications regarding the size, scope or timing of changes.
  • Flexible, secure, convenient and powerful RBAC system that helps users control via API or web interface precisely which teams and individuals can manage or even view important ecosystems.


  • Built-in RBAC integration (not just authentication) with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Read our Change Control article, RBAC article, DevOps Security or view our video explainers for additional information.
Are you in a regulated industry? View our HIPAA and PCI Compliance White Papers to see how to securely control changes to your application, database & middleware configurations.

Ecosystem Visibility that Saves Time 

  • Intuitive bird’s-eye views of applications, relationships, dependencies, and ecosystems promote ease of ongoing operation.
  • IT Ops and DevOps teams rely on color-coded configuration Compliance Heat Maps to discover drift detection at-a-glance. 
  • Model relationships between applications, middleware, databases, operating systems & their configurations so users will know that “changing this, affects that”.
  • See our video explainers for more info on the Orca application configuration management system.

Audit Trails that Save Compliance and Reporting Hassles

  • Ongoing and ad hoc software configuration change reporting provides full process traceability and repeatability. DevOps teams no longer have to struggle to deliver status reports, recaps and configuration audits.
  • Beyond knowing what and when changes were made, achieve fuller transparency for PCI, HIPAA and other compliance audits by tracking the “who”, “where” and “why” behind those changes.
  • Convenient summaries cut the effort required to provide management and executive level reporting.
  • See our Compliance Audit & Reporting article and our video explainers for more information.
Need help with Audits & Reporting? View our HIPAA and PCI Compliance White Papers to see how to track and report on changes to your application, database & middleware configurations.

Risk Avoidance & Productivity Improvements

  • Managers mitigate risks inherent in homegrown tools with a powerful, third-party application configuration automation and compliance solution providing ongoing support and roadmap improvements.
  • IT Ops teams are freed up to invest in new strategic priorities rather than maintaining obsolete tools.
  • Quick learning curve. Orca users do not need to learn a new scripting or declarative language.
  • See our ROI blog for more info and calculate your own ROI here.

Orca is a product of Trifectix, Inc.

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