Simplify, accelerate & automate configuration management

Orca reduces the time and complexity of deploying changes while maintaining compliance and ensuring collaboration.

“In the realm of automation tools, this is a first. Orca is actually easy to use. The learning curve is very small.”

Orchestrates, deploys and promotes application configuration changes in complex Production environments
All-in-one solution ensures collaboration between application, database, middleware and OS owners. 
Intuitive interface reduces the time required for deploying changes. 
Automated “Dev-to-Prod-to-Dev” information flow
No requirement to learn new declarative or scripting languages. No scripting required. 
OpsDev. Orca delivers CCA + ARA for environment aware releases
Continuous configuration automation to Production

With its intelligent graphical interface, Orca users create, pre-validate and deploy config changes in minutes from Dev to QA to Prod and DR environments. Out of the box support for critical Linux, Unix, and Windows-based applications, databases and middleware ensure that users dedicate more time collaborating on operations improvement and less time creating fragile scripts and maintaining technical debt-heavy homegrown tools. 

 Orca Enables Environment-Aware Application Releases

Orca works hand in hand with release automation tools to provide “environment-aware releases.” Here’s how. As IT releases an application from UAT to Staging or from Staging to Production, Orca is aware of and prepared for the current full stack configuration for the target environment. Other tools assume that the target environment is configured in a certain way.  But if the assumed configuration of the environment has drifted, the deployed application configurations in the package can break the application creating performance, availability and or security issues.

Automated change control, compliance enforcement and audit-ready reporting

Users specify, pre-validate and collaborate on changes with integrated RBAC (role-based access control) approvals and calendar-controlled workflows. Orca locks down those changes to prevent configuration drift and enforce compliance across complex, hybrid ecosystems. And Orca maximizes transparency between doers, viewers and approvers with audit-ready compliance and management reporting capabilities. Orca even integrates with major ITSMs

6 Big Bad Mistakes in Configuration Management – Whitepaper

Configuration problems come in many flavors. Some are small… but some are BIG. Configuration errors can lead to serious problems like application performance issues, policy compliance violations, or even security vulnerabilities. They often go undetected, quietly doing their damage in the background while everyone’s attention is focused elsewhere. The good news is that the worst mistakes can be avoided with the pro tips outlined in this whitepaper!

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Automate Routine Config Management
Find and fix config errors automatically using Orca from Orcaconfig
Collaboration built-in

Orca creates a Dev-to-Prod-to-Dev information flow that updates necessary configuration tweaks and maintains compliance along the way – even between groups that are typically separated by OS, middleware, database and application responsibilities. This approach ensures that Dev teams (even in complex, hybrid environments) incorporate the most up-to-date configs for future releases.

Continuous configuration automation. Application release automation. Central change control and collaboration.
All-in-one Orcastration.

All from a single pane of glass.

Configure related web applications and databases in mere moments.
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Transparency, Collaboration and Reporting.
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