Immediate Issue Discovery

Orca captures application stack configurations and automatically
finds issues including unexpected environment differences,
configuration drift over time, and compliance violations. Don’t
waste time digging through esoteric and hard-to-decode logs to
find the root cause of the problem.

Visualize Unexpected Differences

Captured configurations are displayed immediately in an
easy-to-understand map within Orca’s console. All issues are
flagged for easy viewing. This enables all stakeholders to quickly
understand the configuration health of all your Pre-Production and
Production ecosystems from a single dashboard.

Actionable Revision History

All captured configurations are stored in Orca for a specified
period of time (or forever!) so you can easily see the configurations
of your environments from a week ago, a month ago, or last year.
Identify critical points in time (e.g., pre and post release) and
tag them for easy retrieval.

Quickly Compare Environments

Orca’s intuitive interface makes comparing configurations fast and easy. Compare historical versions of a specific environment to identify localized changes or compare across environments to get a full picture of what changed between Pre-Production and Production.