Screenshot of how to quickly find configuration issues with Orca

Immediate Configuration Issue Discovery

Orca captures configuration data from any source and automatically identifies changes including changes to a server over time, differences between servers, and even specific differences between groups of servers. Don’t waste time digging through esoteric and hard-to-decode logs to find the root cause of the problem.

Quick Access To Change Detail

Captured configuration changes are displayed with the click of a button in a simple to read removed/added format. Diff reports are always available in the Orca App and can also be emailed as an alert when drift is detected, or sent to specific stake holders as needed.

Track Changes Across Groups Of Servers

Orca lets you group similar servers together in a way that makes sense in your organiztion and keep track of any drift that occurs between those groups, allowing you to perform multi-level comparisons across a large number of servers.  Tracking drift this way is 100% automatic and lets you review any recent drift occurrences.

Tunable Parameters And Tokenization

Easily use the same data collection script in multiple cases, using parameters to fine tune the data collection for the specific servers in question. Regex based tokenization replaces server specific data with variables preventing false positives.

Scripts In Any Language

Orca comes with a set of data collection scripts, and also makes it simple to drop in your own, written in any language you like.  You specify the invocation command line and Orca does the rest.  The data output format is simple line oriented text and can be gathered from any source you like.  Create scripts for different platforms as needed.

Full Stack Coverage On All Of Your Platforms

Orca comes with built-in support for your entire application stack from your specific application configuration all the way down to the operating system. Hundreds of available interfaces ready to run make quickly visualizing your entire configuration state possible. And if it’s not there, Orca lets you drop in your own scripts and tools, no matter what language they’re written in.

Windows Application Servers

Detect app server changes across environments.

Windows Operating Systems

Monitor registry, permissions, services, and more.

Unix Application Servers

Detect unexpected changes in your Unix middleware environments.

Unix Operating Systems

Visualize application relevant OS configurations.


Monitor and compare database schemas.

Other Infrastructure

Run custom scripts in Powershell, Bash, Python, or any other language.