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About Us:

Orca is a leading innovator in software configuration management with an OpsDev focus on configuration drift detection. Orca provides full configuration visibility for the application stack and dramatically accelerates the rate at which organizations find unexpected configuration changes that cause performance, security, and availability issues.

Our Company:

Orca was founded in 2014 by a team with deep expertise in IT Automation, Operations, and Systems Administration to help companies manage the copious configurations that support their business critical applications. Prior to Orca, the team founded BuildForge in 2001 (now part of IBM) to automate the application build process. After BuildForge, the team got back together to solve the next problem in the SDLC – application deployment and release automation. VaraLogix was acquired by BMC, and now the same team has focused all its efforts on Orca to fix the time consuming, money wasting, overly complex configuration processes that have remained broken for decades.

A Recognized Technology:

Orca has been recognized for its innovation in the DevOps space. Orca was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in DevOps 2017.

Our People:

Our team is full of passionate IT automation specialists, developers, architects, and thought leaders in the DevOps space. We are always looking for new team members that share the same passion. Please Contact Us to inquire about openings.