Simplify, accelerate and automate IIS environments

  • Automatically compare differences in IIS configurations between environments and points in time.
  • Auto-remediate or rollback non-compliant IIS configuration changes.
  • Deploy routine IIS configuration changes to 1 server or 1000s in minutes.
  • Other Windows out of the box integrations including MS SQL Server, MSMQ and SharePoint.
  • No PowerShell scripting required. No new scripting languages to learn. 
  • Workflow orchestration with role-based access control (RBAC) and ITSM integration. 

IIS Configuration Management using Orca

If you are doing it the old way, bulk-deploying IIS configuration changes and enforcing IIS configuration compliance is not easy.

Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL Server, MSMQ and SharePoint are more complex than many of their non-Windows counterparts. Managing them is hard, so the ROI to automate is high. 

“You don’t have to think. You don’t have to ask how to execute commands. In the realm of automation tools, this is a first. Orca is actually easy to use. The learning curve is very small.”

Windows-based IT Operations teams and Application Owners have difficult configuration management options, each with their own downside. They include:

  • Using homegrown tools for IIS configuration management and other Windows infrastructure to support their business critical applications. These tools invariably grow in complexity and require a great deal of time and other hidden costs to maintain. See this ROI tool to uncover these costs (no contact info required). 
  • Writing scripts in PowerShell or in a non-native language like Ruby. This too is time-consuming and highly error-prone.
  • Using Linux-oriented tools to fix and manage IIS, MS SQL Server and Windows Server configurations. This requires multiple, unsupported workarounds.
  • Lastly, compliance reporting and passing configuration audits remains an ongoing challenge, often requiring tedious spreadsheets and time-consuming management meetings just to document changes.

Automate IIS Configuration Management Video 

Intuitive configuration management interface

In the face of these challenges, teams still need to bulk-deploy configuration changes at scale and to automate the workflows regarding standing up new ecosystems and data centers. But how?

 Orca application configuration automation for IIS environments 

Orca simplifies, automates and slashes the time required for configuration management by including out-of-the-box support and seamless integrations for IIS, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, MSMQ and more. No need to train staff on new scripting or declarative languages to deploy configuration changes at scale. No need to rely on manual processes to enforce configuration compliance. 

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