CIO Series

CIO Series: Aligning IT to the Business

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Here's a thought for 2017. Every year author, entrepreneur and Forbes contributor Steve Andriole, provides his analysis of Top CIO priorities. While many of the priorities (security, cost, agility, etc.) are predictable, it is Andriole’s analysis and recommendations that are provocative and likely to make CIOs ‘crazy’ (his words). This article covers aligning IT with the business. IT Recommendation 1: Aligning IT with the Business The only...
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CIO Series: Security & Privacy

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Forbes contributor Steve Andriole provides his analysis of Top CIO priorities in which he advocates unorthodox approaches to Security & Privacy. Specifically, he floats the idea of aligning the budget for Security & Privacy to the organization that is tasked with protecting Security & Privacy. Andriole also cautions against companies which "buy, install and support monster enterprise applications".  We argue that this line of thinking certainly applies to...
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CIO Series: What is your Configuration Management Software ROI?

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(Looking for our configuration software ROI tool? Click here.) Sometimes you just ‘get it’. When you see and experience a true DevOps tool, you quickly and intuitively understand the savings in time and hassle that come from using it. Sometimes though it can be difficult to quantify the value of those savings and other benefits to colleagues, managers and finance people who have not used the tool or very possibly may not...
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