Orca is:

  • Built for the Business Application Owner, eCommerce, DevOps, DBAs and IT Ops
  • Ideal for Both Pre-Production & Production
  • Application Model Driven
  • No new syntax, declarative or scripting languages to learn

Orca has:

  • Highly Scalable, High Performance Architecture
  • Out of the box support for Application Server, Database, Messaging System, Windows and Linux
  • Intuitive Interface and Dashboard

Environment-Aware Releases
+ Continuous Configuration Automation

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Who should consider Orca:

Puppet, Chef and Ansible are architected for SysAdmins, Developers and Open Source advocates who need bare metal provisioning, OS-level configuration management and prefer a command line interface. 

With its application focus, Orca provides central, secure application change control that enforces compliance, detecting ecosystem drift and correcting drift according to your custom compliance rules. And Orca delivers audit-ready compliance reporting that painlessly provides full process traceability and repeatability.