Modeling Your Application Ecosystem

Ecosystem Modeling for Visibility & Compliance Enforcement

Modeling your application ecosystem (including related applications, databases, middleware and servers in mixed Linux-Windows environments) is a powerful way to create intuitive birds-eye views of your environment as well as granular views of the full stack configurations that tie your infrastructure together – physical, virtual and cloud.

Due to limited choices many IT organizations resort to modeling their infrastructure with viewer-only tools like Visio,  and CMDB solutions – but these have several downsides:

  • Very manual process to create and to update
  • Model becomes out of date quickly
  • Difficult/ impossible to know full information about your configurations or how they change
  • Not relevant to Mode 2 technologies like containers and PaaS
  • No automation is possible to remediate drift and enforce compliance

Create and Manage New Ecosystems in Orca

Click the Builder View image above for an 88 second explainer video.

You do have alternatives

Creating a model-driven application view in Orca is easy (see our Create and Manage New Ecosystems in Orca video which shows an example that takes only 88 seconds). Within Orca’s intuitive Builder View, you have a choice to use out-of-the-box templates or to create a custom ecosystem that models your Dev, QA, Prod environments whether physical, virtual or cloud.

And unlike viewer-only tools, Orca is interactive. Orca pulls live configuration information to deliver an accurate, up-to-date representation of your application ecosystem and it automates configuration changes to keep your Linux & Windows environments in compliance with your performance, availability and security policies.

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Orca is application configuration automation software to help control, audit, visualize and automate changes your business critical application environments.  

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