3 Lessons learned from #GartnerDC

DevOps Adoption, Tool Proliferation, ITIL: Gartner Data Center 2016 Summary 

If you missed the Gartner Data Center conference last week in Las Vegas. Not to worry. We are here to share what happened in Vegas with you.

Dipping their toes in the DevOps pool:

  • It is easy to assume that everyone is already on board with DevOps. But many organizations still see DevOps somewhere between a curiosity and a mystery. In fact, 51% of attendee survey takers said they do not yet have a DevOps strategy but plan to have one soon. Only 17% have been “doing DevOps” for 2+ years.
  • 57% of respondents said that culture change was the hardest challenge for adopting DevOps. Cultural and tooling barriers remain a problem for Dev and Ops teams working better together. 

DevOps tools are great. DevOps tools are terrible:

  • Given the DevOps promise of smoother software delivery, many organizations have adopted at least some DevOps tools.
  • These tools are often suitable for their very specific use cases. But as is often the case, the danger is sub-optimizing a particular use case only to create more integration challenges and multiple sources of truth. Related workflows outside the scope of the first point tool will often generate calls for even more point tools. These limited scope tools add to the overall toolchain integration problem.
DevOps toolchain in action
Configuration drift detection in Oracle is so easy we show it as a gif

ITIL is dead. ITIL is not dead:

  • IT Ops teams still experience uncertainty about the relationship between ITIL and DevOps. Are they contradictory to one another?
  • Gartner analysts pointed out that ITIL is best for workflows that require high levels of certainty, governance and control.
  • DevOps on the other hand enhances workflows that require speed and innovation. As expected, the recommendation is to use the right framework for the situation at hand.

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