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DevOops – How to Delete Your Company Database Without Even Trying

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Dev Access To Prod +  A Lack of Backups = Big Problem A Reddit poster called "cscareerthrowaway567" shared this tale of IT woe earlier this week. “I was basically given a document detailing how to set up my local development environment.... which involves run a small script to create my own personal DB instance from some test data. After running the command I was supposed to...
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Role based access control (RBAC) for Apps, Database and Middleware

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When we talk to systems administrators and other IT leaders about what they expect from their management solutions, we tend to hear a few common themes – and one of those themes is “Control”. Controlling when, how and where changes are promoted is central to Orca. But that is not quite enough. We also know that you need to control who can view and manage...
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