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Thoughts on Orca 4.0 Release, Take a Look

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Here at Orca we follow a general roadmap, but we always leave ample room to address user requests. And the theme of the 4.0 release is just that – addressing your requests and suggestions! We updated the architecture, made agent upgrades easier, enhanced some of our existing middleware connectors, and improved the first-time user’s experience in the Orca console. All in all, existing and new…

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Automating WebSphere Workflows

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Orca Saves Time, Money and Hassle in Automating WebSphere workflows Essential but difficult WebSphere use cases now automated. DevOps Delivered. Automating WebSphere Workflows: Common "Compare" Scenarios Scenario #1: Compare the configuration of two different ecosystems (WAS cells) Without Orca: 2-4 Hours With Orca: 30 Minutes You come back from lunch and a bunch of developers are at your desk waiting for you.  They deployed an application update...
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DevOps Approach to WebSphere Application Server Configuration Management

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WebSphere Application Server configuration management does not have to be so difficult Time for a DevOps approach WebSphere Application Server configuration management: Traditional Approaches lead to Traditional Challenges Today admins are currently forced to do one of three things to configure their WebSphere Application Server (WAS): Use the WAS admin console to manually view configurations Write and maintain wsadmin scripts, or Maintain wsadmin scripts through an automation tool....
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