Already using Puppet or Chef or Ansible?

Now add Orca for full stack configuration management and automation

Players like Puppet, Chef and Ansible have gained market acceptance by catering to SysAdmins and their need to configure servers and operating systems. The good news is that the Configuration Management market is maturing as each of these tools add new features for their core SysAdmin customers. The better news is that new DevOps 2.0 solutions like Orca have arrived to solve previously unmet needs of IT Ops teams in Linux & Windows environments, compliance professionals, IT Security, and even CIOs. Unlike SysAdmins who are concerned with the performance and health of individual servers and operating systems…

Orca users are tasked with ensuring their business critical applications’ performance, availability and security.

In addition to their bottom-of-the-stack heritage and focus, Puppet, Chef and Ansible focus on Linux and UNIX environments and are typically interfaced from the command line. They are intended for automation of your infrastructure through scripting.

Orca, on the other hand, is an application configuration automation and compliance solution. 

Puppet or Chef + Orca = Full Stack Configuration Management

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Here again, Orca provides…  

  • Different approach
  • Different use cases
  • Different user bases

Given their focus on entire business critical application ecosystems, IT Ops teams, compliance professionals, IT Security and CIOs need workflow automation but without creating error-prone one-off scripts or repurposing server and OS-centric tools. Orca’s Intelligent Workflow Automation TM orchestrates, deploys and promotes routine configuration changes while enforcing the CAB approval process – and Orca equally supports complex, mixed Linux and Windows environments and teams.

Orca also provides central, secure change control that enforces compliance, detecting drift and correcting drift according to your custom compliance rules. And lastly, Orca delivers audit-ready compliance reporting that saves hassles. Ongoing and ad hoc configuration change reporting provides full process traceability and repeatability. IT Ops teams no longer have to struggle to deliver status reports and recaps to IT Managers and Auditors.

So if you already use Ansible, Puppet or Chef for server and OS configurations, take the next step. Automate your full stack by adding Orca application configuration automation and compliance.

Please contact us or request your personal demo walk-through to see how. 


See this handy resource for comparing server and OS configuration management tools. By contrast, Orca is an application configuation automation solution.

Orca is a solution for

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