Comparing Puppet, Chef and Ansible? Consider Orca

Why you should consider Orca:

Puppet, Chef and Ansible are architected for SysAdmins, Developers and Open Source advocates who need bare metal provisioning, OS-level configuration management and prefer a command line interface. 

Orca is:

  • Built for the Business Application Owner, eCommerce, DevOps, DBAs and IT Ops
  • Ideal for Both Pre-Production & Production
  • Application Model Driven
  • No new syntax, declarative or scripting languages to learn

Orca has:

  • Highly Scalable, High Performance Architecture
  • Out of the box support for Application Server, Database, Messaging System, Windows and Linux
  • Intuitive Interface and Dashboard

Orca is a Unified Application Release and Configuration Automation solution.

= Advantage
= Partial
= Disadvantage
Puppet Chef Ansible Orca
Feature Description
Automates complex repeatable tasks to enhance speed, accuracy, safety of configuration changes Advantage Advantage Advantage Advantage
Ideal for pre-production environments Advantage Advantage Advantage Advantage
REST API for easy integration to other DevOps tools Advantage Advantage Advantage Advantage
Designed for use by Dev teams Partial Advantage Advantage Partial
Designed for use by Sys Admin teams Advantage Partial Advantage Partial
Designed for use by IT Ops teams Partial Partial Partial Advantage
Ideal for production environments Partial Partial Partial Advantage
Capture and compare configurations across Dev/Test/Prod Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
Detect and correct deviations (drift) from out of compliance configurations with full change history Partial Partial Partial Advantage
Real-time configuration visibility Partial Partial Partial Advantage
Security and compliance enabled Disadvantage Partial Disadvantage Advantage
Deploy apps and configurations simultaneously across Dev/Test/Prod Partial Partial Partial Advantage
Out of Box support for Windows, Linux, Unix Partial Partial Partial Advantage
No scripting, Ruby, YAML, or declarative languages required Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
"Full stack" configuration support for OS, DB, Middleware, Messaging platforms Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
Model-driven 100% feature capable GUI Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
Fast and easy implementation Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
Quick learning curve Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
Rapid time to value Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage
Total cost of ownership Disadvantage Disadvantage Disadvantage Advantage

Information in this chart was collected from publicly available sources (website, conference materials, press articles, etc.), was current as of Q1 2017, and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

With its application focus, Orca provides central, secure application change control that enforces compliance, detecting ecosystem drift and correcting drift according to your custom compliance rules. And Orca delivers audit-ready compliance reporting that painlessly provides full process traceability and repeatability.