• Inventory and continually monitor the database schema and ancillary configurations
  • View the database configurations that pertain to your running application
  • Alert when drift or compliance issues have been detected
  • Automatically detect configuration drift and view out of compliance issues
  • Automatically compare configurations
  • Compare schemas across points-in-time or different environments

Expose Hidden Changes

The smallest details in your database schemas can have the biggest impact on your applications in the most unpredictable ways. Proactive alerting when production schemas don’t track properly can prevent days of negative customer experience and time spent trying to figure out a root cause.

Full Scope Visibility

Orca performs deep and total discovery of database schemas and tracks any changes, expected and unexpected, within a database and across environments.

Proactive Alerts

Get alerted when changes occur within your schemas not just at the structural level but with the critically important meta-configuration that goes with them like stored procedures, character encoding, credentials, schema security, and more.

Custom Compliance Rules

Orca lets you detect and alert on any changes as well as define your own compliance rules to make sure normally tunable values remain in-spec.

Orca comes with built-in support for deep discovery in the databases outlined below, with the ability for you to extend that configuration knowledge to any external configuration that’s not part of a database schema but still critical to your application.

SQL Server:

  • Database schema including tables, columns, views, indexes, stored procedures, users, roles, and more
  • Instance configurations
  • SQL Server logins
  • SQL Server roles


  • Database schema including tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, privilege information, stored procedures and more
  • Server info
  • Users


  • Database schema including tables, columns, indexes, tablespaces, users, and more
  • Database parameters


  • Database schema including tables, columns, triggers, indexes, and more
  • Global variables
  • Users