Why Developers choose Orca

In the real world talented Developers are burdened with far more than just Software Development. Orca is a DevOps solution that helps Developers devote more time to developing.

Slash time troubleshooting deployment problems
Slash time doing setups and documentation
Avoid configuration “hell” with versioned infrastructure

Cut wasted Developer time spent troubleshooting deployment problems

  • For each version of your application, have a full stack, multi-tier version of your infrastructure configuration for your Dev, QA, Pre-prod, Prod and DR environments
  • Easily compare configurations in your Dev sandbox to larger Pre-Prod and Productions environments.
  • Cut valuable time invested by senior developers devoted to investigating whether an issue was code or deployment.
  • Eliminate time spent fixing configuration issues in Dev and downstream environments.
  • Improve work-life balance and morale by cutting on-call duties.
  • No need to write custom scripts. Orca does that for you.
  • Orca provides robust, extensively tested interfaces to your business critical, WindowLinux & AIX applications and middleware.
  • No “black box”. Multiple ways to pre-validate configuration changes before you run them including preview, “dry run” and interface editing capabilities.

Detect the source of configuration problems at a glance

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Correct configuration problems in a few clicks

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Create ecosystem to map application, database & middleware relationships

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Save time spent preparing and conducting audits, compliance and management reports

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Cut wasted Developer time and hassle doing setups and documentation

  • DevOps Developers save time spent bringing new environments online as well as establishing relationships between related applications, databases & configurations.
  • Cut time spent documenting every configuration change for downstream teams.
  • Easily manage frequent changes in Agile environments.

See how Orca helps

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