Automate Middleware Management of IIS, WebSphere Application Server, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, and more. 

Orca reduces the time required to deploy middleware configuration changes while maintaining configuration compliance. 

  • Automatically determine current middleware settings, compare configurations, find diffs and drift, and identify compliance issues. 
  • Automatically remediate or rollback changes. Seamlessly coordinate and deploy routine middleware configuration changes.
  • Out of the box integrations and intuitive interface slash configuration time and errors. No scripting required.
  • Fast learning curve. No requirement to learn new declarative or scripting languages. 
Automating middleware management in complex environments

Orca automates routine middleware configuration changes, eliminating reliance on manual processes and fragile scripts. With its out of the box interfaces to business critical middleware, databases, and operating systems, Orca users can edit, create or delete middleware configurations to 1000s of servers in just a few minutes with enterprise scalability. 

Pre-validated middleware configuration change and compliance enforcement

And to pre-validate intended middleware changes, Orca provides Preview and Dry Run options. Orca even offers optional auto-remediation to immediately bring configurations back into compliance.

Simplify and accelerate middleware migration

Updating from version 6 to 7? Orca helps with that too. When new environments or infrastructure come online, Orca assists with migrating existing configurations to your new environments. Orca’s ecosystem management makes it easy for you to relate applications, middleware configurations, database configurations, and other supporting infrastructure configurations all in one place. Click here to learn more.

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Automated middleware change control and reporting

Once users specify and pre-validate their changes, Orca locks down those changes to prevent middleware drift and enforce compliance. Orca maximizes transparency with audit-ready compliance and management reporting capabilities.

Middleware management and compliance enforcement

All from a single pane of glass.

Middleware Management Example:
Automating WebSphere Application Server configuration management.
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Middleware Management Example:
Automatically comparing IIS environments and finding diffs
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