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View Your Middleware Environments

Orca scans and gathers a comprehensive image of your middleware configurations not just one at a time, but among groups of servers and across functional environments. Orca summarizes configuration change so you don’t have to. When drift occurs, Orca shows you just the things that matter, no matter where they are.

Comparisons With a Click

Orca applies robust algorithms to the captured middleware configurations in order to isolate and identify change accross application servers as well as through the different delivery environments. By maintaining a simplified delta matrix for your configuration data, Orca allows you to choose a pair of servers or environments and quickly generate a difference report showing you exactly how things have changed.

Unix application servers WAS compare to
Unix application servers WAS issues

Actionable Revision History

In addition to maintaining comprehensive knowledge of current state, Orca stores a history of configuration changes that have occurred across the board. When comparing application server environments, you can compare current configurations with those from yesterday, a week ago, or months ago.  You can easily see how your configurations have migrated over time – just pick the points in time you’re interested in and let Orca do the rest.

Orca provides out-of-the-box integrations to the following Unix application servers. Orca’s integrations are updated frequently, so Contact Us for specifics on supported versions, new integrations, and other updates.

IBM Websphere Application Server

Managing and comparing WAS configurations is a particularly difficult, thankless, time-consuming and error-prone task without Orca. Orca snapshots granular WAS cell configurations, including but not limited to:

  • Applications
  • Application Servers
  • Cells
  • Static and Dynamic Clusters
  • Core Groups
  • Deployment Manager
  • Shared Libraries
  • Nodes and Node Agents
  • Resources (JDBC, JMS, Mail, URL), Name Space Bindings
  • Security and Variables
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Web Servers
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Other Middleware Servers

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • IBM HTTP Server (IHS)