Why CIOs choose Orca

Orca helps the CIO enforce compliance and audit-readiness as well as risk and cost improvements

Easier audit-readiness and compliance enforcement (including HIPAA and PCI).
No ITIL overhead required. IT Automation solution, and no expensive, time-consuming training on new scripting languages. 
Lower costs, risks from uncontrolled changes to sensitive applications, databases & middleware.

Central change control that delivers compliance & security for the CIO

  • Central control prevents unauthorized, even well-intentioned, changes and Enhances security and enforces compliance.
  • Powerful RBAC and calendaring features help control the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” behind configuration changes.
  • Orca Eliminates the need for direct access to servers, because that can be a major source of uncontrolled IT changes.

Configuration change calendar controls and clarifies when changes are allowed

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Powerful RBAC restricts which individuals and groups are allowed to make and approve changes

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Pain-free change audits and compliance

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Audit-ready change documentation

  •  Automated change and audit reporting provides full process traceability and repeatability. As a result, teams no longer struggle to deliver status reports, recaps and configuration change audits.
  • Fuller transparency for HIPAA, PCI 3.1 and other compliance audits.
  • Centralized inventory of change detection and configuration data from multiple sources and delivered in a convenient, readable format.

Major sources of enterprise risk eliminated

  • The CIO & IT will no longer be dependent on homegrown scripts, spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to manage changes.
  • Configuration “Franken-tools” are eliminated, because Franken-tools are risky tools that take on a life of their own, growing in complexity over time and encourage hard-to-hire and hard-to-train tribal knowledge to operate and maintain. Job changes, retirements and even vacations become sources of enterprise vulnerability in a Franken-tool environment.
  • Mission-critical application, database and middleware configuration automation is supported by Orca, a dedicated, accountable third party with robust product road map and a management track record of delivering enterprise IT automation solutions.

Drastic reductions in configuration management time and costs in addition to reductions in business critical application downtime.
Free up resources for innovation. 

Like DevOps teams, Managers are also under pressure. Managers need to deliver true IT automation and ROI for their organizations. They need to show measurable results – savings in time and money. Everyone knows that environments are becoming more and more complex while the old ways are not working as well as they used to. Therefore they don’t want to just know what’s wrong. Teams need to fix what’s wrong…and to prevent similar configuration hassles from happening again. Managers and execs also know that homegrown tools, repurposed software and complex, proprietary processes introduce unnecessary, preventable risk to their enterprise.

Accelerate time to value.
No investment needed in training staff on new syntax or scripting languages. 

“Unlike other tools, Orca does not require learning a new scripting or declarative language.”