Get Started Using Orca on AWS

  1. Subscribe to the AMI via the AWS Marketplace.
  2. Launch the AMI.
  3. Ensure you have the following ports exposed in your EC2’s security group: 443, 13575
  4. Open a browser and navigate to: https://<public DNS name>/download?platform=<windows or linux> to download the client application.
  5. The download is password protected, you can access it with the following credentials:
    username: admin
    password: <the instance id of the EC2 you just provisioned>
  6. Install and run the client application.
  7. When the client application loads, copy and paste the <public_DNS_name> of the EC2 instance into the initial dialog of the client application.
  8. Log in with username: admin, password: admin (you can – and should, go into settings to change your credentials).
  9. Read the Getting Started With Orca doc here: Getting Started guide

Orca Drift DetectorTM will NOT make changes to your environment or configurations.

It WILL tell you what your configs are and will compare them to what they should be.

Now you know exactly which configs to fix.