Orca is delivered via the AWS Marketplace and is priced on consumption.  Regardless of how big the inventory, you’re charged via your AWS account for successful inventories.

Inventory Type


Single Server Drift Detection

In this mode Orca will inventory configurations on a single server and detect drift over time, every time a new inventory is run. You can set up as many inventories to run on that server as you like, and you can set up as many individual servers as you like. You can quickly view a drift report and get a list of changes that occurred since the last inventory. Drift detection on single servers is free.

Free! Nada! Zilch!

Multiple Server Drift Detection

Multi-server drift detection is much like single server above, but for any given configuration you inventory, Orca will scan multiple servers at one time. This allows you to detect drift on a cluster of servers and identify when one or more of those servers changes in any way. The drift report for multiple servers provides a comparison across all of the servers in one report, showing you which ones have drifted away from your desired state. Drift detection for multi-server inventories incurs a charge for each comparison between servers associated with the inventory.

$0.35 / Successful Inventory

Cross Cluster Drift Detection

Cross cluster drift detection allows you to detect drift on a large number of servers across multiple environments. Cross Cluster drift lets you compare multiple groups of servers that can reside in different environments or even data centers. This type of drift detection will compare configuration data between two or more Single Server or Multi-Server inventories described above. Cross Cluster detection incurs a single comparison charge for each member of the group – so comparing two multi-server setups that each have 10 servers would only incur a single comparison charge, for example.

$0.50 / Successful Inventory

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