We help you pinpoint change you never knew you had

Covering every configuration setting in your entire application stack, from OS to style sheet, is a daunting task. That’s why nobody else does it. The industry is flooded with tools that let you define the things you know you need to manage, but none that help you with the things you don’t.

Automation tools and all of your internally developed scripts are focused on a specific set of variables and don’t see beyond them, leaving a myriad of configuration settings that could directly, or even indirectly, impact the viability of your applications. Full visibility into an unpredictable depth of options is the key to avoiding unexpected outages and long hours spent trying to figure out why things went wrong.

Get coverage in all directions

Orca provides the visibility you need for all of the elements of your application, across all of the environments it moves through. No matter how involved, Orca provides full depth discovery of your configurations including XML files, middleware servers, filesystems, database schemas, OS configs, and more. We’ll even let you plug in and leverage your existing scripts no matter what language they’re written in.

Orca keeps track of your full configuration picture over time and between environments. Quickly and easily see the change history for a single application or component, or compare two different environments to see if they really are identical. Drop in compliance rules, specify comparison baselines, and let Orca keep track of things and alert you when something takes a wrong turn.

Measurable and substantial reliability improvements

  • Substantially increases productivity – 30% overall labor savings
  • Faster Mean Time To Discovery (MTTD) – 55% reduction
  • Reduces time spent gathering data for audits by 35%
  • Reduces change cycle times

Full Stack Coverage On All Of Your Platforms

Orca comes with built-in support for your entire application stack from your specific application configuration all the way down to the operating system. Hundreds of available interfaces ready to run make quickly visualizing your entire configuration state possible. And if it’s not there, Orca lets you drop in your own scripts and tools, no matter what language they’re written in.

Windows Application Servers

Detect app server changes across environments.

Windows Operating Systems

Monitor registry, permissions, services, and more.

Unix Application Servers

Detect unexpected changes in your Unix middleware environments.

Unix Operating Systems

Visualize application relevant OS configurations.


Monitor and compare database schemas

Other Infrastructure

Run custom scripts in Powershell, Bash, Python, or any other language.