• Inventory and continually monitor IIS configurations across all servers and environments.
  • Compare configurations across points-in-time or different servers/environments.
  • Detect drift.
  • Store all captured configurations so you can easily see IIS configurations from a week ago, a month ago, or last year.
  • Identify unexpected IIS server differences.
  • Detect compliance issues.
Orca IIS screenshot 1 re: windows application servers

Full Scope Awareness

Orca performs deep and total discovery of your application server configurations from the application’s perspective and tracks any changes, expected and unexpected, over time and across environments. Most compliance monitoring systems are focused heavily on Unix environments and most Microsoft solutions only tackle the operating system and patching. Neither of these is helpful when trying to monitor and view the configurations of your application stack.

Isolate & Address

Orca lets you detect and alert on any changes as well as define your own compliance rules to make sure normally tunable values remain in-spec. Quickly compare configuration states against previous versions and reduce fault diagnosis efforts down to minutes instead of days.

Orca IIS screenshot 2-2 re: windows application servers
Orca IIS screenshot 3 re: windows application servers

Windows Native Design

Orca comes with built-in support for the application and web servers outlined below, with the ability for you to extend that configuration knowledge to any external configuration that’s not part of an application server but still critical to your application.

Orca provides out-of-the-box integrations to the following Windows application servers and web servers.  Orca’s integrations are updated frequently, so Contact Us for specifics on supported versions, new integrations, and other updates.

Windows Logo on box re: windows application servers

Internet Information Services

  • Websites
  • Website Bindings
  • Application Pools
  • Web Applications
  • Virtual Directories
  • IIS Server Config Files
  • IIS Features
  • Web.Config Files
Blue Ball Folder re; windows application servers

Other Middleware Servers

  • Apache HTTP
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss