Configuration Policy Compliance Enforcement

Orca simplifies and automates configuration compliance and control

Automated policy enforcement in Linux, AIX and Window environments

Orca is a compliance enforcement solution to give IT Operations team the secure, centralized control they need in large scale, heterogeneous environments. Users set policy across their ecosystems including application, database, middleware and OS configurations. Orca automatically detects “out of bounds” environment changes, freeing users from dependence on unreliable scripting, spreadsheets, SharePoint sites and even the time and hassle of homegrown tools.

Controlling change to maintain compliance  

Some change is authorized. Some is unauthorized. But even authorized, approved change might unwittingly cause compliance problems. Orca fixes configuration drift and enforces compliance against IT Operations’ preset policies and prevents “out of bounds” changes.

To aid in compliance enforcement, Orca centrally controls logins, manages roles and users access with role based access control and only allows changes within the context of your specified time frames. Orca adheres to your change approval calendar including blackout scheduling, maintenance window scheduling, job management, rule management, server management, ecosystem management, node and activity management across your hybrid ecosystems.

Orca automatically gathers ecosystem configuration information, runs comparisons across your complex environments or at different points in time, and then synchronizes your changes according to your own compliance rules and security settings. 

Detect drift. Correct drift. Deploy approved changes. Enforce compliance. 

Secure change control of application environments including:

What changes are made
How they are made
When changes are made
Who can make them
Who can approve them
And even who can view them

Bringing ecosystems back into compliance

Change control

PCI compliance enforcement

 Application change control approach to PCI policy enforcement

Configuration policy compliance audit reporting

Simplified, automatic change reporting

Enforce compliance without relying on fragile scripting or even needing to learn new scripting or declarative languages.

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