What’s your configuration catastrophe?

Did tiny typos become a major headache?
We’ve been there too. 

“..I hit a bad key combination …got flooded with tickets about users not able to log into their account. That “bad key combo” had deleted half the lines in the config file.


Tell us your “DevOops” story for a chance to win a $300 Visa Gift Card!

Click here to tell us about the time  you (or your “coworker”) forgot to make that one tiny tweak that sent things into a tailspin.
Or maybe it was the time-saving script that your colleague wrote that accidentally but very efficiently misconfigured every…single…server in your Production environment.
Either way, if your story is our favorite *, then start counting your money. See our contest rules below *.

*Configuration Catastrophe Contest Rules:

  • You can enter more than once. Please just tell a different story each time.
  • By participating in this Configuration Catastrophe Contest, you acknowledge that Trifectix, Inc. will select the winner based on completely subjective criteria.
  • You agree to not accept our gift prize if doing so violates any law, regulation, ethics or organizational rules that may apply to you.
  • You agree that Trifectix, Inc. is not responsible for any damages that arise from accepting or using this gift prize.