Simplify and Accelerate Middleware Migration

Updating from version 6 to 7? Orca helps with that too. 

Controlling middleware migration risks: intended and unintended consequences

Like all change projects, middleware configuration migration involves its share of rewards and risks. After your proof of concept, you might be sold on the superior capabilities of a new version of your middleware. With so many moving parts and inter-dependencies, you need an automated solution to capture the countless details and pre-validate your intended changes.

Automated inventory. Automated comparisons.

Orca automatically inventories your complex middleware configurations and compares them to what you want them to be – for instance a gold standard, another environment or a specific point in time. 

Risk averted. Errors prevented. 

Environment-aware middleware migration

Out-of-the-box support for Windows and Linux servers as well as major middleware including IIS, Apache, WebSphere Application Server ND, IHS, NGINX, JBoss, Tomcat and more.
Automated inventory of middleware configurations 
Automated discovery of application, database, middleware and OS relationships 
Automated comparisons of middleware configurations 

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Correctly configured middleware


When new environments or infrastructure come online, Orca migrates existing configurations to your new environments. Orca’s ecosystem management allows you to relate applications, middleware configurations, database configurations, and other supporting infrastructure configurations all in one place. Orca continues to monitor your new and existing environments and quickly shows you drift and compliance issues, with remediation capabilities out-of-the-box. With Orca’s environment-aware deployments, you can also deploy your multi-tiered applications to new environments and ensure the supporting infrastructure configurations are correct, at all times.


Orca simplifies and acclerates middleware configuration migration

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Wouldn’t it be great to migrate middleware configurations knowing ahead of time that your deployment will just work? Orca puts the odds in your favor. 
 Risk averted. Errors prevented. Environment-aware migrations. 

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