A powerful way to detect Oracle configuration drift 

Orca makes Oracle configuration management easy and intuitive. 


Immediately see your important Oracle schema configurations.


Easily create relationships with other tiers that support your complex applications.


Use Orca’s Configuration Compliance Heat Map to see configuration drift and compliance issues at a glance. No more guesswork.


Granular and summary database configuration reporting. Compare configurations to see what potential out-of-bound changes were made.

No Scripting needed

With Orca’s out-of-the-box integration, there are no new scripting or declarative languages to learn — very quick learning curve for teams and faster time to value for managers who need ROI sooner.

Oracle configuration drift detection

Inventory and compare Oracle database environments. Detect Oracle configuration drift automatically.

Orca provides schema drift audits in Oracle configurations including

Database parameters
System views
Table columns
Tablespace information
Orca manages the tiers of your application ecosystem including the database, web server and application servers. With Orca you automatically detect middleware changes and database changes with intuitive interfaces that encourage collaboration.