Application Configuration & Release Automation Explained

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See how Orca detects drift, corrects drift, securely deploys changes, automates application release and configuration management workflows and simplifies reporting.

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The Coming Earthquake in WebSphere Application Server Configuration Management
The_Coming_Earthquake_in_WebSphere_Application_Server_Configuration_Management from

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Unified Application Configuration and Release Automation

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The Coming Earthquake in IIS and SQL Server Configuration Management

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Automating WebSphere Application Server configuration management & application release

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ITSM Integration 

ServiceNow Integration and Automation

Cherwell Integration and Automation

Use Orca to Bulk-Deploy Changes

Create and Manage New Ecosystems in Orca

Compare & Manage Database Configs

Use Orca to Detect & Correct Drift

Automatically determine current configuration settings 

Automatically compare configurations between ecosystems or points in time 

Detect drift

Correct drift

Orca Calendaring, RBAC & Audit-readiness

Orca Calendaring


Audit-readiness & Compliance

Visit Orca’s Vimeo site for the full video catalog including videos on PCI Compliance and Enhancing Security.