Orca automates ServiceNow Change Requests

Integrating to ServiceNow is as easy as defining just a few settings. And no scripting is required.

Orca picks up where ServiceNow leaves off for full change request automation including:

Routine Configuration Changes | Configuration Remediation |  Application Deployment

Bi-directional Orca and ServiceNow integration. Here’s how it works:

Orca is constantly on the lookout for configuration drift or compliance issues. When a compliance issue is found, Orca creates a change request in ServiceNow and waits for any necessary change request approvals. After the change request has been approved, Orca promotes it through its various states and begins automating configuration changes. Orca then sends all the changes it made to ServiceNow as part of the change request description. Once the change is complete, Orca sends Pass/Fail information back to ServiceNow and finally, Orca sets the change request to a “Completed” state.


In summary, Orca manages and integrates everything from “Opening” through “Completion” of a ServiceNow Change Request.

Did you know?

ServiceNow integration can be turned on for

Specific servers
Or entire environments

For example, you may not want ServiceNow change requests for Development servers, but you definitely want them for Production. A perfect job for Orca. 

Without Orca’s ServiceNow integration, 

You spend time waiting to

  • Triage the incoming ticket queue
  • Determine the correct ticket assignment
  • Start the approval workflow
  • Determine the work needed to complete the ticket
  • Determine the responsible team(s) to fix the issue
  • Either 1) manually fix the issue, or 2) use a point tool to fix the issue
  • Update the ticket once they’ve made the appropriate change

With Orca’s ServiceNow integration,

Orca has already automatically

  • Identified configuration drift and/or compliance issues
  • Kicked off an automated job to fix the issue
  • Created the ticket in ServiceNow and workflowed any required approvals 
  • Fixed the problem
  • Updated the ticket with the proper details and completed the ticket

Video: Automate Change Requests in ServiceNow with Orca

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With Orca, configuration-related issues may already be discovered before tickets are ever created…or even before an outage occurs