Use Orca to control and audit container state changes for application servers.

Beyond just a checksum, Orca adds governance to the read-write layer of your containers. Docker container state change compliance, control, and visualization for IT Ops teams.

  • Extract and visualize container state info
  • Snapshot and compare container state info across Dev/Test/Prod 
  • Detect non-compliant container states

An essential solution as you modernize and containerize your environment, Orca provides drift detection, visibility and audit for datacenter, cloud, virtualized, and containerized environments – all from a single solution.

No more guesswork

Orca captures detailed information about your container environment. It provides container state change information including essential data on whether and when your containers have changed.

  •  Has the container changed?
  • When was the container changed?
  • How has the container changed?

With Orca, you know the answers.

Containers provide the speed.

Orca delivers the visibility and audits that give you control.

While container technologies like Docker are powerful at accelerating Dev cycles, IT Ops also needs container state change control and auditing.


Now you can know what’s in your container

  • Orca adds visibility into running containers.
  • Orca looks inside the container and monitors the latest configurations from an application (top-down) view of the layers.
  • With Orca, you see inside all your live containers in Production so you immediately know what’s changing and when it changed.