Application Configuration Automation & Compliance Explained

Orca Overviews

Orca explained in 64 seconds

See How Orca…

  • Centrally & Securely Bulk-Deploys Changes

  • Detects and Corrects Drift

  • Delivers Secure Change Control

  • Achieves Audit-ready Compliance

  • Helps you get started easily

Use Orca to Bulk-Deploy Changes

Create and Manage New Ecosystems in Orca

Create a new website & database

Use Orca to Detect & Correct Drift

Detect drift

Correct drift

Compare & Manage Database Configs

Orca Calendaring, RBAC & Audit-readiness

Orca Calendaring


Audit-readiness & Compliance

PCI Compliance & Security with Orca 

PCI Compliance with Orca

Enhancing Security with Orca

Getting Started with Orca

Installing Orca

Getting Started with Orca

Use Orca to Solve Tough Problems! Fast.

Solve the IIS #PingsOfDeath (Pings of Death) problem in 6 seconds


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