Take the time, hassle and guesswork out of configuration change audits and compliance reporting. Orca automatically logs every configuration change  – making reporting much easier.

White Paper: Achieving and Maintaining PCI Compliance with Centralized, Automated Application and Middleware Change Control
NEW White Paper: Enhanced Compliance for HIPAA in Applications, Database & Middleware

Change Audit & Compliance Reporting

  • Ongoing and ad hoc configuration change reporting provides full process traceability and repeatability. Teams no longer have to struggle to deliver status reports, recaps and configuration audits.
  • Beyond knowing what and when changes were made, achieve fuller transparency for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance audits by tracking the “who”, “where” and “why” behind those changes.
  • Shared team-based calendar publicizes upcoming changes, blackouts and maintenance windows. This eliminates major sources of miscommunications regarding the size, scope or timing of changes.
  • Flexible, convenient and powerful RBAC system that helps you control via API or web interface precisely which teams and individuals can manage or even view your important ecosystems.
  • Built-in RBAC integration (not just authentication) with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • With automatic configuration change logging, teams no longer rely exclusively on policy based record keeping.
  • Convenient summaries cut the effort required to provide management and executive level reporting.

Compliance Reporting and Compliance Audits

How to Win at Compliance Reporting and Compliance Audits It’s hard enough satisfying your customers, colleagues, calendars and bosses with the software that you build and operate. But signing up for a life in IT should not mean that you signed up for a never ending root canal in the form of tedious, nearly impossible-to-satisfy compliance audits. If you are in a regulated industry, audits…
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Video: Change Audit Logs and Compliance Reporting with Orca

Calendaring with Orca

RBAC with Orca