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DevOps Survey Results

DevOps Survey Says!  What our recent DevOps surveys tell us about the state of DevOps, Reliance on Scripting and IT Automation Scripting and IT automation A lot of IT Operations teams including Application Owners, Configuration Managers, Middleware Specialists, and Database Administrators are managing infrastructure configuration change with manual processes, spreadsheets and scripts.  They are spending a lot of time writing and maintaining a lot of…
Scott Turner
December 1, 2016
AnnoucementsOrca Blog

Configuration Management Survey Results 2015

Configuration Management Survey Results 2015 See how your organization's configuration management practices and tools stack up against our survey respondents.  Click here to view survey results in a new window.  We want to hear from you too. What do you think? Tell us in the moderated comments section below. We will review comments before posting.
Scott Turner
May 15, 2015