Orca’s intelligent workflow automation eliminates configuration errors and saves time. 

DevOps Configuration Automation that Saves Time & Money

  • Configuration automation delivers automated routine configuration changes and automated drift correction, saving IT staff from “fire-fighting”.
  • Optional auto-remediation eliminates reliance on manual processes.
  • Create and deploy websites to 1000s of servers in just a few minutes with enterprise scalability.
  • No need to write custom scripts. Orca does that for you.
  • Orca provides robust, extensively tested, out of the box interfaces to your business critical applications and middleware.
  • No “black box”. Multiple ways to pre-validate configuration changes before you run them including preview, “dry run” and interface editing capabilities.
  • Architects quickly establish and update relationships between middleware and applications.

Learn more about the benefits of Intelligent Workflow Automation vs Scripting-centric automation.

Configure a new web application and database in moments.

Automated drift correction with Orca compliance enforcement

DevOps Configuration Management & Automation

DevOps Configuration Automation: Your web app is not just a web application Your web application is not just a web application . In fact your web application might rely on hundreds of other application , databases, web servers, load balancers, fail-overs as well as virtual environments, physical hardware and multiple datacenters — not to mention the configurations that make everything work together. “My ecommerce app is so binary and…
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Dependency Hell

Something we hear way too often while talking to Software Architects is “When I fix this it breaks that.  When I add or move new applications, or change Windows app settings everything goes Kaboom.  When I make a change to database credentials and an app doesn’t get changed, or is missed or fat fingered stuff breaks. It puts me in dependency hell!”  One change of…
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Application Configuration Management vs Application Release Automation

In today’s world of “automate all the things” we hear a lot of questions about the difference between app configuration management and app release automation solutions. We understand the confusion between these related but different concepts and at Orca, we love to simplify things.  So here goes…
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Change Control & Compliance Enforcement
Full Transparency
DevOps Configuration Management ROI
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