Orca delivers ROI and eliminates the most common causes of configuration chaos by providing powerful, secure change control over your web-based applications. See our new PCI Change Control White Paper.

Configuration Change Control that Drives Out Errors and Enforces Compliance. 

  • Orca features a centralized inventory of configuration data from multiple sources and delivers it in a convenient, human-friendly format.
  • Users manage drift by setting their own custom compliance rules.
  • Orca’s “Dry Run” mode validates whether configuration changes will be successful before they’re actually executed.  
  • Users can enhance security and enforce compliance by controlling configuration changes and preventing unauthorized, even well-intentioned changes. 

NEW White Paper: Achieving and Maintaining PCI Compliance with Centralized, Automated Application and Middleware Change Control

How to control configuration drift…beyond configuration monitoring

Drift Happens. Configuration drift is a widely experienced problem felt by most, if not all IT departments.  While there are a variety of causes of configuration drift, the degree of impact can vary from merely annoying to catastrophic.  It usually plays out like this: Your team is rolling out a new web based application.  Everyone is fired up because it works great in Dev, and Staging. But suddenly and without warning it goes haywire in Production.  What in the world is going on?  You know you have to quickly get in gear and roll it back.  You dig through your logs and config files and try to locate the problem child.  Ugh, all machines are supposed to be configured the same.  What went wrong?
There are a variety of causes, but it all boils down to too much complexity.

Here is a list of the usual suspects…

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Video: Detecting Drift with Orca

Video: Correcting Drift with Orca

DevOps Security through Change Control

Enhance Security with DevOps Change Control  Devops teams value fast-moving, efficient releases, updates and improvements. Security teams value caution and analysis. So the topic of “DevOps Security” is a timely one. A few things are already clear: DevOps Security cannot simply be an add-on. If only it were that simple. No silver bullets. And certainly your devops efforts cannot conflict with your security needs. Both DevOps and Security…
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Video: Enhancing Security with Orca

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