Database Configuration Management

Orca makes database configuration management and schema changes easy and intuitive. Manage Oracle DB, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and more.

  • Manage database schemas and middleware configurations from an application perspective within the same solution.
  • Detect & manage drift and enforce database configuration and schema compliance against gold standards, security and regulatory policies.
  • Enforce centralized role-based access control (RBAC) of roles, individuals and teams.
  • Eliminate miscommunication while supporting DevOps & Agile collaboration. 

Modeling and managing database environments

Most tools cater heavily to IT Ops middleware/servers teams OR to database administrator teams (DBAs), but never both. Why is that? As applications are released faster and faster into Production, both IT Ops and DBAs have their work cut out for them to maintain stability while accelerating the business. Current tools that silo database and IT Ops teams are preventing collaboration, visibility, and seamless automation.

DBAs and DBA managers are central to Orca. In fact, IT organizations can use Orca’s database management capabilities in multiple ways. For instance:

  1. DBAs can use Orca to view database configurations and schema changes.

  2. Or many different teams – including DBAs, middleware teams, application teams, DevOps teams, server teams, managers, and more –  can use Orca to coordinate and collaborate on configurations.

Recent surveys indicate that thirty-two percent (32%) of respondents do not know which database relates to which applications or how an application release might have affected the database schema. Another thirty-six percent (36%) rely on manual processes or scripting to find this basic information.

With Orca’s visual interface, teams model the relationships between their databases, applications, middleware and operating systems and define the configurations that hold them together. Whether teams prefer to use Orca as a database configuration management tool or to support the entire application stack, inclusive of the database to promote collaboration and visibility, Orca has them covered.

View change, compare environments, and enforce compliance in schema and database configurations

With Orca you can…

  • Capture schema and database configurations. On an ongoing basis, Orca automatically gathers schema and database configuration information and runs comparisons across environments or different points in time.
  • Automatically detect configuration drift and view out of compliance issues.
  • Manage the schema at the schema level. Orca helps you visualize and compare databases, tables, columns, indexes, stored procedures, users and more.
  • Easily see where in your application ecosystem a particular database or database server is being used.