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Agent-based configuration management

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What you should know about Orca’s agent Smaller, faster, street-smart We get a lot of questions about our agent. In fact, we are often asked why Orca even uses an agent. This page provides all the information you need to know about our agent – why it’s needed, why it’s better, and why it’s so powerful. First impressions can be lasting impressions We have found that the...
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Thoughts on Orca 4.0 Release, Take a Look

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Here at Orca we follow a general roadmap, but we always leave ample room to address user requests. And the theme of the 4.0 release is just that – addressing your requests and suggestions! We updated the architecture, made agent upgrades easier, enhanced some of our existing middleware connectors, and improved the first-time user’s experience in the Orca console. All in all, existing and new…

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DevOps-in-Name-Only? #DOINO Note: this article was originally posted by our friends at Let's not be 'that' guy. And let's not be 'that' organization. You know, the one where "DevOps" is some magic pixie dust that we can sprinkle around, and then pat ourselves on the back for being forward-thinking, modern IT managers. It's actually harder than that. Harder but simpler. Harder because DevOps involves humans. Simpler because pixie dust doesn't actually exist....
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Agent vs Agentless with SSH

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What about agentless configuration management (CM)? First impressions can be lasting impressions We have found that the arguments against agents are usually related to really bad experiences with really poorly written agents. In many cases companies develop agents without really considering what the right tool for the job is. That means you wind up with a Java based agent that brings along with it a massive runtime...
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