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Kristy McDougal

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The Importance of a Drift Detection Tool

I recently talked with an analyst that is new to the DevOps space, and he asked a question that our team often assumes everyone knows the answer to – why would someone need a tool like Orca with all the automation tools available now? In an ideal world with a small greenfield shop that is 100% automated, the answer is that you probably don’t need…
Kristy McDougal
September 7, 2018
AutomationHow Orca Works

How to Compare Configurations Accross Your Environment

Compare configurations across applications, middleware, databases and operating systems. Looking for a way to compare configurations? Or a config diff tool? Here is a way to automatically compare configurations in IIS, WebSphere Application Server, SQL Server, Oracle,  and more. Now that we’ve told you how Orca determines your infrastructure configurations, let’s look at how Orca can compare configurations. In this complex world of configuration, “compare” can mean different…
Kristy McDougal
April 24, 2018
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Orca Launches Drift Detector to address the “big three” items missing in other configuration management tools

We don’t launch new products very often here at Orca, so we’re pretty excited to announce our new Drift Detector product. This product launch thrills me for two reasons: 1) users now have a new and easier way to get their hands on Orca, and 2) this product focuses solely on the "big three" missing in other configuration management tools – drift detection visibility, application-centric…
Kristy McDougal
October 2, 2017