Announcing Orca v 2.0 – Continuous Configuration for Linux Applications and Middleware, Job Summary Views

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Note: our coverage has expanded a lot since this blog. Click on the “About” menu or better yet, contact us to learn about our recent updates including out-of-the-box automations for configuration automation in AIX and WebSphere Application Servers environments. 

Orca now supports Linux

With its version 2.0, Orca introduces Linux support for Apache, MySQL and System Services with even more coverage to be announced. Now organizations with mixed Windows and Linux environments can centrally and securely automate their application, database and middleware configuration management and workflows.

configuration automation from Orca

Application & Middleware Continuous Configuration:  a previously unmet need

Environment-Aware Release

Customers who need continuous delivery and increased software velocity have many well-known application release automation options available to them. Similarly customers who require server and OS-layer configuration management have several reliable, purpose-built commercial alternatives.

But the ongoing configuration management at the middleware and application layers has been a DevOps area that has stubbornly resisted drag and drop workflow automation, until now…until Orca.

No compromises

Orca delivers continuous configuration of applications, databases and middleware at enterprise scale

Now, Orca users 1) automate full stack provisioning of multi-tiered applications, 2) automatically detect and correct configuration drift for all tiers of the application stack, 3) centrally and securely bulk-deploy configuration changes or replicate environments at enterprise scale, 4) automate compliance audit reporting and enforcement.

Automatically Detecting Drift with Orca
Automatically Correcting Drift with Orca

New Job Summary Views for simplied reporting and compliance. New levels of transparency. 

Orca 2.0 users can now see manager level summaries which provide a single pane of glass view for audits and compliance reporting, a powerful new level of transparency and time-savings.

While Orca has always reported the full detailed history of a job including the outcome, configurations affected on each node, timing, approvals and workflows, version 2.0 also logs whether a job had been validated prior to execution. These new management views and enhanced job logs reflect Orca’s commitment to taking the pain out of audits, compliance and reporting.

1:51 minute Video: Audit-Ready Compliance with Orca

Team Orca has created powerful DevOps software before

Team Orca founders are veterans at improving and automating once-painful IT processes. They started Build Forge (now part of IBM) to accelerate software delivery through build process automation. Later they started VaraLogix (now part of BMC) to take the risk and uncertainty out of web application deployment. Now Team Orca is excited to improve life for IT teams by streamlining time consuming, money wasting, overly complex configuration processes that many have just taken for granted for too long.


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