Why IT Compliance & Security choose Orca

Orca helps IT enhance security, enforce compliance and prep for change audits including PCI & HIPAA.

Secure change control of application environments
Audit-readiness and compliance reporting

Enhanced security and risk elimination. A DevOpsSec approach.

  • Orca eliminates need for direct access to servers, a major source of uncontrolled IT changes and security vulnerability.
  • Central control  prevents unauthorized, even well-intentioned changes *. Enhances security and enforces adherence with a DevOps Security approach. * See our NEW HIPAA & PCI Compliance white papers for more information.
  • IT is no longer dependent on homegrown scripts, spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to manage changes.

Enhancing Security with Orca

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Pain-free change audits

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Audit-ready change documentation

  •  Automated change reporting and automated audit logs provide full process traceability and repeatability. Teams no longer have to struggle to deliver status reports, recaps and configuration change audits.
  • Fuller transparency for PCI 3.1, HIPAA and other compliance audits by tracking the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” behind those changes.
  • Centralizes all configuration revisions and logs to easily see how configurations have changed over time.

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