Why QA chooses Orca

Orca helps QA stay coordinated with Dev, eliminate miscommunication and cut unnecessary manual documentation.

Simplify coordination with Dev
Manage complex QA tests

With Orca, QA simplifies coordination and communication with Dev.

  • Automate configuration documentation. 
  • Eliminate miscommunication with Dev.  
  • Ensure the QA environment remains in compliance with configurations that may be required by Dev.
  • Identify whether configuration drift occurred in Dev, QA or Prod; or on specific servers within each environment.

Automate configuration documentation and coordination.

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Use Orca to find drift; compare environments

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Use Orca’s automation to accelerate QA

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Use Orca’s configuration controls to manage multiple complex QA tests.

  • Reset an application or environment to a baseline configuration at any point.
  • Push out specific configurations needed for specific tests – allowing QA to test different scenarios within the same build. “Break” the application before customers can. 

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