Why IT Operations teams use Orca Application Ecosystem Automation

With Orca, IT Ops and Web Ops automate application and middleware compliance, bulk-deployment and promotion of configuration changes from Development environments all the way through Production and back to Dev.

Central, Secure Application Change Control and Compliance Enforcement
Audit-ready Compliance Reporting.
See our HIPAAPCI Compliance White Papers.
Application configuration management automation.

Application Configuration Automation

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Application and middleware configuration:  Bulk Deploy Changes

Configuration automation

Workflow Automation to Bulk Deploy Changes

  • Environment-aware releases in mixed Windows-Linux-AIX environments
  • Securely control and automate configuration changes, deploy new configurations or delete unnecessary configs.
  • No manual processes or command line required. No more Googling open source “how to” instructions.
  • Easily view, compare and manage configurations across environments, decreasing the time it takes to find and fix errors or promote changes.
  • Drag and drop interface to bulk-deploy application and middleware configuration changes.
  • Orca provides robust, extensively tested interfaces to your business critical applications, databases and middleware across your AIX, Linux and Windows environments.
  • No “black box”. Multiple ways to pre-validate application and middleware configuration changes before you run them including preview, “dry run” and interface editing capabilities.

Detect drift at a glance. Correct drift with a few clicks, or none at all.

  • Configuration compliance heat map saves time investigating existence and sources of drift.
  • IT Ops manage drift by comparing to gold master or reference point in time; or optionally by setting their own custom compliance rules.
  • Simplifies complex configuration management of disparate data from multiple sources.
  • Beyond just monitoring, correct drift using drag-and-drop interface and existing templates.
  • Or use auto-remediation option to correct drift without intervention.

Detect drift at a glance

Application configuration automation system…

Correct drift in a few clicks. Or none.

not just configuration monitoring.

Central change control over who, what, when, where. 

  • Central configuration automation system to control and prevent unauthorized, even well-intentioned changes. Enhances security and compliance.
  • Powerful RBAC system helps you control via API or web interface which teams and individuals can manage or even view your important ecosystems. Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Shared team-based calendar manages upcoming changes while adhering to blackouts and maintenance windows – eliminates major sources of miscommunication regarding the size, scope or timing of changes.

Regulated Industry?

Use our HIPAA & PCI Checklists and White Papers to help you securely centralize control over your sensitive applications, databases and middleware.

Powerful RBAC gives IT Operations control over which individuals and groups are allowed to make and approve changes

Control over who makes and approves configuration changes

Shared configuration change calendar controls and clarifies when changes are allowed

Control over the timing of configuration changes

Pain-free change audits and compliance

Configuration change audit-readiness

Audit-Readiness for IT Operations

  •  Automated change and audit reporting provides full process traceability and repeatability. IT Operations teams no longer have to struggle to deliver status reports, recaps and configuration change audits.
  • Fuller transparency for HIPAA, PCI 3.1, SOX and other compliance audits by tracking the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” behind those changes.
  • Centralizes all configuration revisions and logs to easily see how configurations have changed over time.

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