Why DBA Managers choose Orca

Database release and configuration management involves more than executing SQL scripts. Orca understands how essential database management is to DevOps release and change management success.

Orca delivers out-of-the-box support for database configurations and security 

Easy to understand current database and schema configurations for each application
Easy to compare database and schema configurations between applications and environments
Bulk deploy configuration changes to databases 
Manage Oracle RDBMS, MySQL, MS SQL Server configurations

Orca benefits database management teams by

  • Automatically gathering database and schema configurations
  • Automating the deployment of a single change or bulk changes for database and schema configurations
  • Automatically comparing and syncing configurations across environments or different points in time
  • Automatically managing database drift from gold standards or other databases

Orca enhances database security by

  • Centrally controlling logins and
  • Centrally managing database users and roles
  • Enforcing configuration compliance against your security and regulatory policies

Powerful, unique approach

With Orca, DBA and IT Operations teams now manage database configurations from an application perspective within the same solution used to manage application and middleware configuration changes.
Miscommunication eliminated. Transparency achieved.

Video: Using Orca to manage and compare database configurations

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