DevOops – How to Delete Your Company Database Without Even Trying

Dev Access To Prod +  A Lack of Backups = Big Problem A Reddit poster called "cscareerthrowaway567" shared this tale of IT woe earlier this week. “I was basically given a document detailing how to set up my local development environment.... which involves run a small script to create my own personal DB instance from some test data. After running the command I was supposed to…
Scott Turner
June 6, 2017

The Outages Heard Around the World, Part Deux

Deployment-related outages at Microsoft and Amazon. What we can learn.  Two weeks ago the high-profile outage was Amazon’s S3. This week it was widespread outages at Microsoft’s Skype, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, and Hotmail. Those of us on the outside looking in can never be 100% certain of all the actions (and inactions) that led up to the event but both the recent Amazon and…
Scott Turner
March 23, 2017

The Outage Heard ‘Round the World

Amazon S3 and what we can do to prevent and recover from business-critical application errors Various reports claim that Amazon’s S3 outage on February 28, 2017 “took out 1/3 of the internet.” Kind of a big deal. . Naturally, many in the tech world watched Amazon’s recovery and error-proofing with great interest. To its great credit, Amazon was transparent about the outage root causes: Operator error…
Scott Turner
March 9, 2017
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Gartner Data Center 2016 Summary

3 Lessons learned from #GartnerDC DevOps Adoption, Tool Proliferation, ITIL: Gartner Data Center 2016 Summary  If you missed the Gartner Data Center conference last week in Las Vegas. Not to worry. We are here to share what happened in Vegas with you. Dipping their toes in the DevOps pool: It is easy to assume that everyone is already on board with DevOps. But many organizations still…
Scott Turner
December 16, 2016
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IT Migration from Today to Someday

“Here is a blank check. Spend whatever you need on IT migration and modernization of our entire IT environment right away”, said no one ever. IT Migration: Bridging Your Today IT to Your 'Someday' IT There are simply too many new game-changing technologies and platforms to adopt all at once. Until ‘someday’ arrives you have to prioritize where and how you spend your limited IT budget. What…
Scott Turner
March 28, 2016