“Here is a blank check. Spend whatever you need on IT migration and modernization of our entire IT environment right away”, said no one ever.

IT Migration: Bridging Your Today IT to Your ‘Someday’ IT

There are simply too many new game-changing technologies and platforms to adopt all at once. Until ‘someday’ arrives you have to prioritize where and how you spend your limited IT budget. What IT considers ‘legacy’ is likely considered an ‘investment’ by their counterparts in Finance. And as we all know, Finance and the C-suite insist on protecting their investments. So rather than a blank check and a massive rip and replace exercise you will be challenged to keep your current legacy environment optimized while you pursue a better IT future. But how? 

A Universal Automation Management Platform Would Help

With an eye to the future, large scale, complex IT organizations need enabling automation technologies that perform equally well in Windows, Linux, AIX & mixed environments and along each step of their migration journey – from physical to virtual to private cloud and eventually public cloud.

Orca is a model driven, object-oriented, universal automation management platform for enterprises that depend on business critical custom applications.  Orca brings to IT Operations and DevOps a unified way to manage heterogeneous application ecosystems

…across physical, virtual, cloud and container technologies.


IT Ops and DevOps teams use Orca 1) to automate full stack provisioning of multi-tiered applications, 2) to automatically detect and correct configuration drift for all tiers of the application stack, 3) to centrally and securely bulk-deploy configuration changes or replicate environments at enterprise scale, 4) to migrate applications from one ecosystem technology to another whether physical, virtual, cloud or container, 5) to automate compliance audit reporting and enforcement.

And Orca protects your existing IT investment in multiple ways:

  • Today Orca drastically simplifies the complex, error-prone tasks of configuration automation, replication, migration and compliance for applications, databases, middleware and operating systems.
  • Tomorrow Orca continues to deliver configuration automation facilitating your journey to cloud and container technologies.
  • On an ongoing basis, Orca integrates with your existing configuration management, monitoring and container tools to deliver full stack automation throughout your SLDC.

Orca not only delivers higROI by eliminating the root cause of countless performance problems, outages and security vulnerabilities – it also protects your existing IT investments while doing so.  Orca works out of the box without scripting for a very short time-to-value and a very low total cost of ownership.

Learn more about how Orca accelerates your IT migration from mixed physical to virtual to private and public cloud environments.

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Orca simplifies complex tool chains with intuitive  compliance enforcement,  visualization and automation of your business-critical Linux, AIX & Windows environments.  

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