Configuration Automation for Windows without Scripting

 Automating configuration compliance or bulk-deployment in a Windows (or  mixed Windows & Linux) environments has never been easy.

Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL Server, MS MQ and SharePoint by their very nature are more complex than many of their non-Windows counterparts. Managing them is hard, so the desire to automate is strong. But frankly most new automation solutions cater to Linux and to green field environments. And new DevOps solutions tend to benefit Dev far more than Ops.

Windows-based IT Operations teams, eCommerce teams and Application Owners have difficult automation options, each with their own downside. They include:

  • Using homegrown tools for configuration management of their Windows infrastructure to support their business critical applications. But these tools take on a life of their own, often becoming ‘franken-tools’ that require too much time and specialized expertise to maintain.
  • Writing scripts in PowerShell or in a non-native language like Ruby. This too is time consuming and very error-prone (see Sound familiar?)
  • Using Linux-oriented tools to fix and manage IIS, MS SQL Server and Windows Server configurations. Square peg. Round hole.

And these don’t even address the considerable challenges of Windows compliance reporting and passing configuration auditsor bulk-deploying configuration changes at scale…or standing up new ecosystems and data centers.


There is a better way…

Orca is a next generation DevOps solution delivering Application Configuration Automation for Windows & Linux environments — including out of the box support for IIS, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, MS MQ and more.

Orca’s workflow automation delivers


Automated routine configuration of business critical applications.

Automated promotion and bulk deployment of new and existing configurations without the need to write PowerShell scripts.  In fact, Orca users do not need to learn a new scripting or declarative language at all

Auto-remediation of non-compliant changes.
Automated logging of Linux and Windows middleware configuration changes including the scope, timing and locations of changes as well as who made them and who approved.
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Orca is application configuration automation software to help control, audit, visualize and automate changes to your Windows (and Linux!) environments. Click here to see How Orca Works.


Automating configurations in Windows Environments without Scripting (and without learning a new scripting language!) is achievable with Orca.