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Using Orca with Ansible, Puppet or Chef for Full Stack Configuration Management and Automation

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Already using Puppet or Chef or Ansible? Now add Orca for full stack configuration management and automation Players like Puppet, Chef and Ansible have gained market acceptance by catering to SysAdmins and their need to configure servers and operating systems. The good news is that the Configuration Management market is maturing as each of these tools add new features for their core SysAdmin customers. The better news is that new DevOps...
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Comparing Orca, Puppet, Chef and Ansible

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MenuDid you miss our WebSphere Automation webinar? Click here to view it now! Includes demo and Q&A.Link Comparing Puppet, Chef and Ansible? Orca is: Built for the Business Application Owner, eCommerce, DevOps, DBAs and IT Ops Ideal for Both Pre-Production & Production Application Model Driven No new syntax, declarative or scripting languages to learn Orca has: Highly Scalable, High Performance Architecture Out of the box...
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Fmr. BMC DevOps GM Joins Trifectix as EVP WW Sales & Services

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John J. Balena joins Trifectix Fmr. BMC DevOps GM to Lead Sales & Services Trifectix today announced the appointment of John J. Balena as Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Services. Balena brings more than three decades of highly successful enterprise sales and DevOps leadership at large companies and early-stage, high-growth technology companies.  He brings his can-do leadership style to rapidly driving revenue growth and ensuring...
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DevOps Security through Change Control

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NEW White Paper: Achieving and Maintaining PCI Compliance with Centralized, Automated Change Control Enhance Security with DevOps Change Control  Devops teams value fast-moving, efficient releases, updates and improvements. Security teams value caution and analysis. So the topic of "DevOps Security" is a timely one. A few things are already clear: DevOps Security cannot simply be an add-on. If only it were that simple. No silver bullets....
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CIO Series: What is your Configuration Management Software ROI?

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(Looking for our configuration software ROI tool? Click here.) Sometimes you just ‘get it’. When you see and experience a true DevOps tool, you quickly and intuitively understand the savings in time and hassle that come from using it. Sometimes though it can be difficult to quantify the value of those savings and other benefits to colleagues, managers and finance people who have not used the tool or very possibly may not...
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Role based access control (RBAC) for Apps, Database and Middleware

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When we talk to systems administrators and other IT leaders about what they expect from their management solutions, we tend to hear a few common themes – and one of those themes is “Control”. Controlling when, how and where changes are promoted is central to Orca. But that is not quite enough. We also know that you need to control who can view and manage...
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Dependency Hell

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Something we hear way too often while talking to Software Architects is “When I fix this it breaks that.  When I add or move new applications, or change Windows (or Linux) application settings everything goes Kaboom.  When I make a change to database credentials and an app doesn't get changed, or is missed or fat fingered stuff breaks. It puts me in dependency hell!”  One...
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