Enhance Security with DevOps Change Control 

Devops teams value fast-moving, efficient releases, updates and improvements. Security teams value caution and analysis. So the topic of “DevOps Security” is a timely one.

A few things are already clear: DevOps Security cannot simply be an add-on. If only it were that simple. No silver bullets. And certainly your devops efforts cannot conflict with your security needs. Both DevOps and Security are top of the list for many CIOs. So it’s not a choice – we have to find processes and software that support the goals of each camp.

It is important to build layers of security with every management tool you allow in your environment. Orca’s robust team and individual access controls and powerful configuration management system help you lock down your changes in the web-based apps that run your enterprise.

DevOps Security:

Use Orca to restrict access to key areas.

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DevOps Security:

Use Orca to assign teams to objects;
Control who can manage them.

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Orca puts you in control

  • Restrict calendar management
  • Restrict blackout scheduling
  • Restrict maintenance window scheduling
  • Restrict job management
  • Restrict rule management
  • Restrict server management
  • Restrict ecosystem management
  • Restrict node management
  • Restrict activity management

But it’s more than just control – Orca is DevOps change management

Controlling changes and restricting access help you to meet many of your security goals. But Orca is much more than that.

Orca works for Dev AND Ops

Orca is an intuitive application-centric and middleware configuration management tool for both Dev and Ops teams.

Users with granted access to specific global ecosystems can browse the structure, make changes, populate ecosystems with configuration data, and efficiently execute changes to targeted endpoints in the ecosystem.

Orca: Control that enhances your security; Drag-Drop-Deploy efficiency that supports your DevOps initiatives.

Better yet, request a demo walk-through to see Orca’s DevOps approach to change management that supports your security goals.

Orca is a solution for

Enterprise Architects   |   Dev   |   DBA Managers   |   QA   |   IT Ops   |   Security & Compliance   |   Disaster Recovery   |   CIO