Ecommerce Holiday Readiness Checklist

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5 Steps for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Readiness Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s that time of year again. Seriously. It is. It’s way too late for April Fools but it’s definitely not too early for ecommerce holiday readiness planning. In fact now is the perfect time to get your ecommerce house in order well before the planned lockdowns of your critical web based applications. Balance...
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CIO Series: Security & Privacy

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Forbes contributor Steve Andriole provides his analysis of Top CIO priorities in which he advocates unorthodox approaches to Security & Privacy. Specifically, he floats the idea of aligning the budget for Security & Privacy to the organization that is tasked with protecting Security & Privacy. Andriole also cautions against companies which "buy, install and support monster enterprise applications".  We argue that this line of thinking certainly applies to...
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Modernizing Your DevOps Tool Chain

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Build a DevOps tool chain that works today and tomorrow Doing Less with More? Or More with Less? Summary: Choose your DevOps tool chain carefully. Select tools that work with the IT you want and with the IT you have for cross-platform application release and configuration management.  The IT climate of “doing more with less” has evolved into an IT reality of “doing less with more”. Who...
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Agile for Ops

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IT Operations Teams are Pushed to Keep Up with Dev Can DevOps tools help achieve Agile for Ops? Until now Agile has mostly been applied to Development practices. But where does that leave Ops? Operations teams are naturally being pushed to keep up with Dev's pace. Ops is struggling though. It’s not from a lack of talent. It’s not from a lack of trying. Ops teams...
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IT Migration from Today to Someday

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“Here is a blank check. Spend whatever you need on IT migration and modernization of our entire IT environment right away”, said no one ever. IT Migration: Bridging Your Today IT to Your 'Someday' IT There are simply too many new game-changing technologies and platforms to adopt all at once. Until ‘someday’ arrives you have to prioritize where and how you spend your limited IT budget. What...
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Configuration Automation Myths vs Reality

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Myths vs Reality: Configuration Automation & Scripting  Scripting is safe, fast and secure...Or is it? Configuration Management is unnecessary once you migrate to the cloud...Or is it? IT is tough enough without buying into misinformation. We outline some important Configuration Automation Myths vs Realities in this chart. Unlike a mythical (someday) environment, Orca is built for the real world complexities that developers, IT Ops, application owners...
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Scripting-Centric Automation vs Intelligent Workflow Automation

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Comparing Multi-step Scripting with Drag & Drop Deployments When it comes to deploying changes throughout your enterprise-scale, AIX, Linux and Windows application environment, there is Scripting-Centric “Automation”…and there is Intelligent Workflow Automation. Puppet, Chef and Orca are all used to maintain desired state and deploy routine configuration changes. But how they manage configurations and deploy those changes is very different. Puppet and Chef use scripting-centric automation while...
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