Build a DevOps tool chain that works today and tomorrow

Doing Less with More? Or More with Less?

Summary: Choose your DevOps tool chain carefully. Select tools that work with the IT you want and with the IT you have for cross-platform application release and configuration management. 

The IT climate of “doing more with less” has evolved into an IT reality of “doing less with more”. Who is going to manage all those tools? And who is going to manage those who manage all those tools? It is a recipe for low morale and low productivity especially when new IT talent is attracted to more modern environments with less technical debt.

Tool Proliferation:
Cost and Complexity

Tool proliferation does not just add costs. The complexity it introduces also impedes agility, speed, performance and security and now development is adding open source that requires yet another tool to learn and scripts to make it work. Not a great idea. (Click here to read why.)

“At some point IT leaders begin wondering when their IT automation tools stopped working for their organizations and when their organizations began working for their IT automation tools.”

“Yeah but we are moving off of (insert older platform of your choice) to…”(insert modern platform of your choice).

Unless they were launched in the past 12 months, most organizations have a long wish list of migration and modernization plans. So they need a DevOps tool chain that

  • Works with their existing on-premise and virtualized environments as well as their eventual
  • PaaS and other modern platforms while delivering
  • ROI today and tomorrow.

Introducing Orca

Orca is an “OpsDev” approach to managing heterogeneous application ecosystems from deployment to ongoing configuration management and drift monitoring across physical, virtual and other modern technologies. Orca prevents tool bloat and tool chain pain by providing an OpsDev platform for today and tomorrow.

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