Orca Delivers Business Value Across Your Organization 

Continuous Delivery + Continuous Configuration Automation + Ecosystem Visibility = Orca.

Configuration Automation and Application Deployment that Accelerates Your Business

Secure, Centralized Change Control that Enforces Compliance

  • Orca software configuration automation features a centralized inventory of change detection and config data from multiple sources and delivers it in a convenient, human-friendly format.
  • Users manage drift by setting their own custom compliance rules,  creating snapshots of current configurations, running comparisons, viewing configuration drift, and auto-remediating drift
  • “Dry Run” mode validates whether configuration changes will be successful before they’re actually executed.  
  • Shared DevOps team-based calendar publicizes upcoming changes, blackouts, and maintenance windows. This eliminates major sources of miscommunications regarding the size, scope or timing of changes.
  • Flexible, secure, convenient and powerful RBAC system that helps users control via API or web interface precisely which teams and individuals can manage or even view important ecosystems.


  • Built-in RBAC integration (not just authentication) with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Read our Change Control article, RBAC article, DevOps Security or view our video explainers for additional information.
Are you in a regulated industry? View our HIPAA and PCI Compliance White Papers to see how to securely control changes to your application, database & middleware configurations.

Ecosystem Visibility that Saves Time 

  • Intuitive bird’s-eye views of applications, relationships, dependencies, and ecosystems promote ease of ongoing operation.
  • IT Ops and DevOps teams rely on color-coded configuration Compliance Heat Maps to discover drift detection at-a-glance. 


  • Model relationships between applications, databases, middleware, operating systems & their configurations so users will know that “changing this, affects that”.
  • See our video explainers for more info on the Orca application configuration management system.

Audit Trails that Save Compliance and Reporting Hassles

  • Ongoing and ad hoc software configuration change reporting provides full process traceability and repeatability. DevOps teams no longer have to struggle to deliver status reports, recaps and configuration audits.
  • Beyond knowing what and when changes were made, achieve fuller transparency for PCI, HIPAA and other compliance audits by tracking the “who”, “where” and “why” behind those changes.
  • Convenient summaries cut the effort required to provide management and executive level reporting.
  • See our Compliance Audit & Reporting article and our video explainers for more information.
Need help with Audits & Reporting? View our HIPAA and PCI Compliance White Papers to see how to track and report on changes to your application, database & middleware configurations.

Risk Avoidance & Productivity Improvements

  • Managers mitigate risks inherent in homegrown tools with a powerful, third-party application configuration automation and compliance solution providing ongoing support and roadmap improvements.
  • IT Ops teams are freed up to invest in new strategic priorities rather than maintaining obsolete tools.
  • Quick learning curve. Orca users do not need to learn a new scripting or declarative language.
  • See our ROI blog for more info and calculate your own ROI here.

Orca is a product of Trifectix, Inc.

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